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Greeters by the upper gate: 2 spiny lizards.

A nearly full-body shot of a spiny lizard. Photo by Gil Esquerdo, fall 2006.

Arizona Mountain King Snake (harmless).

Coatimundi on the run near Montosa wash (will scratch or bite if provoked).

Desert tortoise running full-tilt on Mt. Hopkins road.

Black-tailed rattle snake (poisonous pit viper) between 1.2m telescope and PAIRITEL.

Black-tailed rattle snake on a Tubac neighbor's wall (about 1.2m long).

Beautiful bobcat on same Tubac neighbor's wall; frequently seen on Mt. Hopkins.

Gila monster; a 45-cm Gila Beauty that Wayne Peters found near the basecamp. They are of sluggish habit, but they have a strong, tenacious bite and they are one of only two venomous lizards (although that number may be in dispute).

A fox with a stunning tail. Photo by Gil Esquerdo, fall 2006.

A squirrel munching away. Photo by Gil Esquerdo, fall 2006.

A spider surely loved only by its mother (species unknown). Photo by Gil Esquerdo, fall 2006.

Black bear on the ridge near 10-m telescope, summer 2006. Photo by Perry Berlind.

Svelte turkey on the road to the ridge, Feb 2007. Photo by Perry Berlind.

Three turkeys on the road to the ridge, Feb 2007. Photo by Perry Berlind.

Nine turkeys wanting to observe with the 1.5m, Dec 2009. Photo by Gil Esquerdo.

Black bear cub 1 2 3 4 at the basecamp on 06/26/07. It tried to enter the premises without the combination after office hours. Photos by Mark Lang.

Watchful coatimundis: one and four, or is it five? November 2011, photos by Tamas Szklenar.

Great birds are found in Madera Canyon, but also in Montosa Canyon on the way to the mountain. See the flickr link by Lois Manowitz.

Dumpster-diving coatimundi. July 2013, photo by Robert Hyne.

Wayne Peters with a palm-sized baby mountain king snake. July 2013, photo by Cleaning Crew.

Gila monster in the weeds: stage right, with tongue and stage left
July 2016, photos by Perry Berlind.