1.5m CCD Control Computer

Created: 09/28/06 by TG

The 1.5 Fast ccd is controlled and serviced by a linux computer named ccd60. It runs linux, and always is running a vncserver.

If you need to monitor the status of the CCD start a vncviewer session to the computer that controls the CCD, called ccd60. On any xterm, type:

vncviewer ccd60.sao.arizona.edu:1

You will be prompted for a password and you may put the job in the background once it's running. The password is the same as the observer account on flwo60. A window like this snapshot will appear on your screen. If you see a view similar to the snapshot, the system is behaving properly. If you have been having troubles, the ccd does not seem to be responding or its displayed status in ntcs window is stuck, you should restart the system.

To restart the ccd controller, in the top right vncviewer window, (labeled xterm), issue the command "xterm -e ssh -l restart ccd60". You will be prompted for the password, which is the same as the observer account of flwo60. This will open another xterm, which will remove the FOID and CCD_D windows, initialize the camera, and restart FOID and CCD_D. When this process has completed, from the window where you typed the above xterm command hit Cntrl-C. You may need to reset the fast binning using progfast, but you do not need to restart the Realtime system.