FAST Combo Observing: Sep-Dec 2019

Check the schedules online. Check your email and email for the observer account on flwo60 (type "mail" in any xterm) for TOO. Check the finding charts and lists of objects remaining to be observed and that are already observed, in the various binders on the shelves above the flwo60 monitors. Check the instructions for requests to rotate to a particular position angle, if required (rotation to the parallactic angle is obviated by the ADC). Try to make up a plan for each night before you start. But be flexible and watch the weather!

Standard setup for observations:
300gpm+3"slit+binby2, tilt=600+PA=90 (no rotation)

Note: some projects require a different setup!

Calibrations: Standard Targets

  1. Spectrophotometric Standards, All, Program 56, observe a red and a blue standard star each night!
  2. Radial Velocity Standards, All, Program 57, observe one RV standard each night.
  3. FAST Throughput Standards, All, Program 56, observe once each month under photometric conditions with the [5" slit, binby4] (see the sheet to the left of the board) and corresponding flats.

Science: Queue Targets (decreasing priority)

  1. MacLeod BLR Mkn110, galaxy spectra.
  2. Brown 230, GW binaries, stellar spectra [600 gpm, tilt 445, 2" slit, binby4].
  3. Gomez 233, FLEET, galaxy/SN spectra.
  4. Falco 231, BH/NS binaries, stellar spectra, [1200 gpm, 1"5 slit, binby2], follow instructions:
  5. Kenyon 12, symbiotic Stars, stellar spectra, repeat observations.

Science: Targets of Opportunity, TOO (decreasing priority)

Observe TOOs by request only, as listed below.

  1. Falco 220, ASAS-SN, galaxy/SN spectra.