Required Materials for COMBO projects:

Created 05/19/05 by EF
Updated 05/31/05 by EF

No better time than right now. Please send all required materials well in advance of your run!
For TOOs or targets such as SN, the sooner the materials arrive, the greater the probability of success for your observations.

A catalog is required. Use the format described in the TCS description. If your targets are not TOOs, email your catalog to Perry Berlind (perry at linmax*sao*arizona*edu) and Mike Calkins (mike at linmax-sao-arizona-edu). For TOOs or targets such as SN, it is best if you maintain your own catalog online, using the observer account.

Finding charts
Finding charts are required. The standard size is 10x10 arcmin. Use the format described in the TDC link, in the "Making Finding Charts from DSS Images" entry.
If your catalog contains only a few objects, you could make individual charts in postscript format and send them to Perry and Mike via ftp. Otherwise, you should make up charts in the 2x2 format per page. The size for charts is 5 arcmin on a side.

Instructions are required. You should email them to Perry and Mike. These instructions should include whether you need the telescope rotated to the parallactic angle. If you have other requirements such as a maximum airmass, or what weather conditions are unacceptable, please describe them.

Each project's instructions, target list and charts will be included in binders that observers will peruse each night.

We are currently working on improving the object selection system, with a goal to automate it. Suggestions are welcome!