8/06/98 NC

Items needed:
Texwipe paper wipes (502, M-wipes, 9x9")
Distilled Water
Edmund Scientific Lens Lustre Cleaning fluid
Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Pumping canister

For 60" primary, remove baffle and corrector assembly. Move telescope to near-horizon position.Mask over the central hole, and use masking tape around out edge of mirror to stop water from dripping off sides, except right at the bottom. Attach small tube to vacuum cleaner tube, and place this tube inside cell where the water will collect. Someone will have to monitor the tube to suck up water. CO2 snow blow first, to get rid of dust. Spray surface with water, wetting it well. Next, use cotton in small wads to daub the mirror with lens lustre. Wet the cotton first with the fluid, and then daub but do not rub the glass. It may be best to replace the cotton after each use, but this uses a lot of fluid and cotton. Probably ok to use one or a few wads of cotton. Next, wash again with water. Finally, use 3-4 sheets of texwipes to blot water on mirror. Tile the mirror with wipes, removing them after a minute or so. Typically, at least two blotting attempts are needed.

For 48", remove top box and primary baffle. Tape a plastic splash guard around the inside of the mirror hole. Put tape or use earthquake stop seal to stop water from leaking around out edge of mirror. Sit on top of the mirror using special board.