CCD Temperature vs. resistance

Created 04/21/2009 by EF
Updated 09/23/2019 by EF

How to measure the temperature of the CCD while it is being pumped and cooled.

  • There is a connector with 5 wires coming out that connects where the camera electronics mounts. Find the labeled DB25 connector with 2 white, 1 black, 2 orange leads in the FAST cabinet. Measure the resistance at the 2 white leads (there should be 2 wires with alligator clips at each end on these leads). Follow the graph or table below. At the start, you should measure about 20-25C, room temperature. At the end, you should reach below -90C. Because it has no heater controls other than a manual connection to a DC power supply, the CCD will stabilize by itself at at temperature somewhat below that. Connect the Vacion once the temperature reaches below -65C.

  • Temperature (C) of a CCD versus resistance (Ohm) measured with a 44001A thermistor.

  • See this pdf file for temperature vs. resistance in tabular form.

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