Seeing at the 1.5m

Creation Mar 09, 2004 by EF

Latest update Mar 09, 2004 by EF

  • EF developed a script based on the similar findfwhm script for the 1.2m and 4shooter. It measures focus (and sets it) and seeing. Please run it once or twice each night, or more, especially if temperatures change by more than a few degrees C. Follow these instructions:
    You do not need photometric or completely dark conditions to run
    findwhm.script. Dark twilight is OK. 
    Use the rtshell. Make sure that track and dome are on (Tele Tasks),
    then type "findfwhm."  This command is an alias to: 
    "source /home/falco/findfwhm/findfwhm.script."
    The script will prompt for all it needs. If more instructions are needed,
    they will be added here. 
  • We obtained seeing measurements between 04/23/03 and 02/17/04 thanks to PB and MC. Here is the result, a FAST seeing histogram:

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