Loadcell Readings

Created 03/11/15 by EF
Updated 03/20/15 by EF

On 3/11/15, Wayne and Larry removed the topbox.

Axial hardpoints, goal is 21lb.
Before removing the topbox, the AXIAL loadcell readings were heavy:
NW 43.25
NE 64.2
S  48.44

After removing the topbox, there was surprisingly a change of only a few lb. 
Wayne adjusted the hardpoints so the AXIAL loadcell readings were
NW 12.84
NE 10.33
S  12.61
These should change significantly once the topbox is back on, but we 
could not predict by how much. Topbox going back on 03/12/15.

We switched to the RADIAL readings, which showed values between 10 and 30,
with some of the actuators loose and slapping the cell. The goal is 2.2lb.
We adjusted the RADIAL actuators until the readings were:
NW 3.5
NE 2.5 
S  6.2
It's impossible to get closer than this to the 2.2lb goal, motion is too 

Once these were set, I set the RADIAL dial indicators to exactly 0.

On 3/12/15, we mounted the topbox.
After tightening all the bolts, 
the AXIAL loadcell readings barely changed, contrary to expectations.
We removed the topbox again, and adjusted the AXIAL hardpoints until the 
readings were 20-21 lb. We remounted the topbox, final readings were:
NW 21.
NE 20.
S  20.

We declared victory at this point.
On 3/13/15, we moved the telescope around.
Back at zenith, the loads were:
NW 19.
NE 24.
S  20.
Some settling, we'll monitor these numbers.