1.2m pointing tests

Created 05/10/04 by EF
Updated 10/02/17 by EF
                    Jan-Dec 2014 avg. 29 +- 41 arcsec                                             Jan-Sep 2017 avg. 27 +- 23 arcsec

  • Robot pointing error vs. HA, DEC. In 2017, we happily see fewer large excursions, beyond 120 arcsec (yellow). The RMSE is also much tighter in 2017, compared to 2014.
  • Below kept for historical reasons.
    We have determined we have a pointing problem where objects fall near or outside the W edge of chip 3 when going to large zenith angles. Click on the link below to see the RA pointing error (there is little DEC error) as a function of zenith angle. The plot contains 2 pointing runs, one with flexure correction turned on and the other with it turned off. (May 04 plot)